"We all love the good quality of these product. The syringe plungers move extremely smooth. The needles are ultra sharp and ensure patient comfort . Just love them!"

- Dr. Sami Qureshi, Beatties Group of Pet Hospitals have been using Elimedical needles syringes for the past 15 years.

“I love using Elimedical syringes. They slide very easily, something about the plungers. Just love them!”

- Tamika Samuels, The Bay Cat and Dog Hospital.

”The Elimedical 20 ml luer lock syringe is perfect for our purposes. It comes well packaged and there are never any quality issues, they’re always very reliable.”

​- Alice and Courtney, RVT’s, Dundas West Animal Hospital, Toronto

Great price and excellent product. The individual wrap is very helpful. Never had a problem with these needles.
- Nancy V, California

I saved so much money on getting my supplies from Elimedical. I received a great product at a great price. Same quality as what I've purchased from vets in the past.
- Beth R.

Haven't gotten a dull needle yet.
- Lynn, Oregon

I like these. Good single use needles at a reasonable price.
- Karen F, Washington

Fair price, great product on poly hub needles.
- Debra K, Pennsylvania

These poly hub needles worked out fine. Seem to glide in well and stay put. Even though a bit shorter than others I ordered, they were a good value.
- Diane C, California

These poly hub needles are a great price.
- Aaron, West Virginia

Good needles. No complaints here. They are as described.
- Trisha D

Arrived on time and suited my needs for my animals!
- Jacqueline R, Massachusetts

Aluminum hub needles are a great product at a great price.
- Jennie S. North Carolina

Good price and always available.
- Holly